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Mona Lisa and the Electron Microscopy


For more than ten years, Mona Lisa Production, in partnership with Philips/FEI, has been exploring the possibilities offered by Environmental Electron Microscopy for filming the infinitessimal.

Currently, all electron microscopic images available on the market are still photographs or animated photos. Video images are at present an exclusivity of Mona Lisa Production.
Mona Lisa has been a forerunner in the visualisation of the microscopic universe, of living and moving things. This innovation, a veritable world first, used in the documentary series “Les Envahisseurs Invisibles – Squatters ” launched in 1997 has been recognised by numerous awards in international festivals. The series has been broadcast in over 50 countries around the world, notably by Discovery Networks International.


Mona Lisa now possesses expertise in the techniques of capturing video images from electron microscopy and in the post-production treatment of these images.
The patent registration in 1999 represents the foundation on which Mona Lisa’s current new research is based: the objectif is to obtain animated sequences in HD quality (a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 54dB).

This technological challenge corresponds to an actual market tendency, since more and more programmes are produced in high definition and it will be of great importance in years to come to be able to obtain electron microscopic video images in High Definition norms.
This is also essential for full-length films projected in theatres on large screens.


At the same time, Mona Lisa continues to work with Philips/FEI in developing new techniques for capturing images:

- The possibility of creating new visual effects: 360° rotation around a sample (possibility of rotating the microscope platform. Rotation speed in relation to the microscope scan frequency), panoramic shots, zooms in and out, etc.
- The possibility of studying and capturing images of samples in liquids


use of micro-manipulators and gas pipette in the ESEM chamber
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