Ice Abysses

Documentary  52' 
Support : HD

Director : Thierry Berrod

Production : Mona Lisa production, Montagne TV Ushuaïa TV, Servus TV

The Portrait of a Glaciologist

erge Aviotte
, glacionaut, explorer, and speleologist (creator of the École Française de Spéléo) has many expeditions under his belt, from the French Alps to the glaciers of the two poles. He speaks of his obsession to go still deeper into the chasms of ice called mills (moulins in French), from the French Alps to those of the huge Greenland Inlandsis.

The Portrait of Extreme Environment

The Mer de Glace
(Sea of Ice) is the greatest glacier in France, seven kilometers long and about 200 meters thick. Its size and the folds of its crevasses in the form of waves has led it to become known as the Mer de Glace.
When a glacier exceeds 50 000 square kilometers, it is called "Inlandsis", literally ‘ice in the country’. The Greenland Illulisat glacier moves from 20 to 30 meters per day, approximately 7 kms per year! It is one of the fastest glaciers in the world and the most iceberg-producing in the northern hemisphere. This Inlandsis achieves a thickness of more than 3 kilometers of ice in its center, a veritable ocean of ice.
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