Lengguru, The Lost World

Documentary Serie
Duration : 90' / 3 x 52' 

Support : HD

Director : Christine Tournadre
Production : Mona Lisa production, Arte

: http://vimeo.com/69691828

is a very special place on Earth, and this is why we call this film "The Lost World".

Papua is on the limits of the Asian and Pacific tectonic plates which literally forced the mountains to burst from the ocean 11 million years ago.

The geology of the region has been chaotic since then, with sudden upraising of mountain ranges, or submerging of land and caves.

As a result the species present have had no choice but to adapt, which is why this region is so fascinating to scientists.

In 2010, Laurent Pouyaud, biologist at the IRD (Institute for Research and Development), organized a first expedition on the fringes of the Lengguru area. On this small exploration, French and Indonesian scientists already found 43 new species (including a giant bat, a mutant frog, a blind fish, etc…).

In January 2014, they will go deeper into Lengguru, into a region that has never been explored, and Mona Lisa’s film crew will follow in their footsteps.
All biotopes will be investigated: mountains, endoergic lakes (closed from the sea), underground rivers and caves, and the ocean reef (tunnels and submerged karst).This will be a full-fledged expedition, featuring 30 European scientists, mainly French but also Spanish and Portuguese, and 60 Indonesian scientists from the LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia / Indonesian Institute of Sciences).

The logistics will be strong, with two base camps, one on the APSOR’s boat, and the other mobile, first in the village of Nusa Ulan and then Urisa, Wanoma, Lobo, Avona.
This will be a unique opportunity to better understand the mechanisms of species adaptation, and literally watch a replay on evolution.

The scientists will do an extensive species inventory, and Laurent Pouyaud, the IRD biologist who leads the expedition, is convinced they will find new species.

Once the analysis of all samples is complete, in 2015 - 2016, the IRD and their Indonesian partners of LIPI are convinced LENGGURU will be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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