Planet Sand


Serie documentary 5 x 52'
Support : 4K

Director : Thierry Berrod

Production : Mona Lisa production, Arte

Deserts cover a third of the emerged land surface of our planet…

As beautiful as they are inhospitable, they fascinate us, but we know very little of them, and for a reason: they are the least anthropic areas in the world. Yet, it seems today that the trace of man is clearly felt.

Alarming figures

The phenomenon is such that the current estimate is that about 4 billion hectares are threatened by desertification, putting more than 250 million people in a serious situation. Each year, the loss of soil is equivalent to the surface of Switzerland.

Therefore, it is estimated that in twenty years, a surface equivalent to the United States will be transformed into dry land.

Phenomenon even more worrying in that the spread of deserts is the most threatening element in meeting global food needs.

Moreover, in many developing countries, the poor rural areas and the arid zones often overlap.

When man repairs the environment

Given the extent of the damage, it is difficult today not to blame the selfish behavior of man who has for years diverted rivers, dried out lakes, deforested large areas and rendered available land infertile.

How to bring back water to an ancient drained lake, rehabilitate waste land?
In a word, how to repair the irreparable?

This is the challenge today for researchers, scientists and people working together to find solutions to curb this desertification.

And for once there are plenty of positive initiatives.

PLANET SAND, list of the episodes:

The Gobi Desert (Mongolia / China): The Sand Dragon invades cities

The Aral desert (Central Asia): The future largest desert in the world

The Atacama Desert (Chile): The driest desert in bloom

The Victoria desert (Australia): The desert continent

The Sahara (Mauritania / Mali): The largest and once the most menacing in the world

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