Mysterious Land Art

Documentary Serie

Duration : 3 x 52'
Support : HD

Director: Thierry Berrod
Production : Mona Lisa Production

Trailer :

From the ground we see nothing: we walk on, around, are in the center or next to them without noticing that lie at our feet significant and mysterious traces. By taking height, we distinguish shapes, designs, and structures. These giant traces finally take shape from the sky.

Are they mystical or extra-terrestrial signs? Ancient geological events? Marks due to weather conditions? Simple works of art or hoaxes?
Our series proposes a full discovery of these strange events, and an investigation that will exclude no hypothesis, be it scientific, mystical, or social. Our personages will be chosen for their charisma and their passion devoted to these enigmas.

Throughout the film we contemplate these mysterious marks, as they should be seen: from the sky, with spectacular footage taken ​​for the first time with the help of camera drones.

Episode 1 : Supernatural Crop Circles

Episode 2 : Menhirs and Megaliths: Reaching for the Gods

Episode 3 : Mystery of the Giant Trails
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