Duration : 52'
Support : HD



Director : Pierre-François Gaudry

Production : Mona Lisa production

The European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances, REACH, re-opens a sensitive debate: Should laboratory animals be sacrificed in large numbers in order to ensure the safety of chemical substances for humans? 2.5 million animals over 10 years according to some sources.  54 million according to others.  Such a huge difference shows how difficult it is to estimate alternative methods to the use of laboratory animals.  The film will take a thorough look into these alternatives.  Our inquiry will shed light on how to avoid in vivo experiments.  Either by replacing them with in vitro methods that scientific advances have now made possible: cellular cultures, gene selection, and miniature reproduction of living systems.  Or via  in silico experiments: computer modelling ranging from digital simulation to virtual cloning of animals.  We will look at the advantages and the limits of these methods.  To define the role of the animal is only possible by defining its status.  Do research scientists view the laboratory animal as a tool or living being? What is the life of an animal in the strange environment of the lab?

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