Duration : 5 x 52 ' 5 x 43'

Author Collection : Thierry Berrod

Production : Mona-Lisa - Arte

The observation of wild fauna is fascinating since it reminds us of how far we distance ourselves from our own animal natures with every passing day.

Nevertheless, in certain parts of the world, humans and wild animals live in close proximity and have become accustomed to cohabitation.

In these places, animals are not considered as study subjects to be analysed but as the equals of humans.

These special relationships, based on trust and mutual respect, reassure us, by revealing animals that are harmless, "humanised".

And who has never dreamed of one day being able to talk to animals?

The connections between humans and wild beasts presented in these films are so powerful that they encourage us to dream of a world where humans and animals can communicate and live together in harmony.

Spectators will therefore appreciate being able to project themselves into these moving human-animal relationships.

Each documentary is a multiple portrait: of a human, an animal species, a culture, a people, a country.

Through these extraordinary stories and spectacular images, we hope that people will come to love this world and the life it holds, to encourage the desire to increase our knowledge of and protect the creatures that populate the planet at our sides. 

The Chimpanzees nanny

The manor with giraffes

The cow and the adolescent

Whispers between man and horse

Dance with birds

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