Bodyguard, behind the scenes



Duration : 52'
Support : Digital Betacam - stéréo - 16/9 - 4/3 


Director : Olivier Baudry 
Production : Mona-Lisa - M6 - RTBF



The world became a village. The flux of goods and persons who travel from a place to another of the planet are more and more importants.

But this movings require for the richer and famous people a maximum security for all instants, that assure us day by day a calmness so preciaus as necessary.

Industrials, movie, sport or show business stars, are become privileged prey for criminals, louts, mafia, or simple fan, who sees in these personalities somes easy targets, because they don't beneficiates the official protection systems. For that, theses VIPs entrust security private agency with their security, reputed to be the best for previsible risks.

In France, there is a big number of enterprises who proposes their services on the market of the closed protection, who can fight major challenges. 

Created by industrials, theses agencys are supervised by professionnals who comes by many horizons, old members of the special forces, old Marines Commandos, retired of the army or the police, ex-members of the secret services, who all have in common an incredible experience of the high risks missions, and that wherever they are.

In this very closed world of the protection, the fist is the discretion. Many agences are constituting the world's greatest of the closing protection with an exceptional reputation on the five continents, they are the rarely agences created and supervised by the old Mossad israël Agent.
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