XXIst Century


Duration : 90 '
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Author : Pierre-François Gaudry


Two big questions have always hanted man : the one of his past, and the one of his future. At The Scale of the Century, we know everything about our past, but our future left to write.

At first, erase the more disastrous hypothesis of planet or humankind destruction and try to imagine how our grand-children and great-grand children will live in 100 years. 


Even if it's an long-term exercise, the actual state of science allows to propose hypothesis relatively plausible in differents fields of activities and human knowledge.


This docu-animation project will project us in the daily life of the years 2100 : ecology, urbanism, education, comunications, transport, spatial conquest, energy, farming, food, fashion, knowledge, medicine, police...


All the faces of this future is in the same time near and far will be explore through the adventures of some characters of whick destiny will crossing.
To Give us more visual and narrative possibilities, we will approach this universe with a new and original concept. 
The Entire story will be related as the form of an animation which restore the atmosphere of the years 2100.
The screenplay will the one of a fiction mixing action, suspense and humor. The universe in which the characters will evolve will be establish in scientific way and very documented, on the base of prospective studies by international recognize experts.

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