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type : coronavirus
Number of victims 1st epidemic : 700



Professeur Y. Guan - Hong Kong university


After thirty years of efforts, we understand that Southern China is an easy place to generate new infectious emerging diseases like flu, and now we have a second example SARS. Why ? Here in this region the human population is the biggest in the world, and animal population also biggest and furthermore human and animal have close contact and humans have much more of an opportunity that other regions to be exposed to these animals.


Until today we still not confirmed by which way the SARS virus was separated. We are not confirmed yet. We know they may be transmitted by droplets, or by aerosols or by fecal, but we’re not confirmed which is the major was to cause infections in hospitals or in the commmunity, we are not sure !


My worries is, you know, if this wildlife farm is still around in China then SARS must be hiding somewhere, in some species. This is my worry. If we can remove these wildlife farms, don’t send them to the marketplace, then the human being will be much safer.


If the SARS like coronavirus is still in the wildlife, the human population is the same, the market is the same, what is the reason you doubt this virus not come back. So, everything is the same, nothing changing, so the virus is definitely going to come back, we just don’t know when it will happen.

Usually what happens is that they are more severe than older one. They want to survive.


You need an effective and very effective vaccin that can in a very short term provide a « calm » in the whole world protect the people around the world. This vaccine takes years, maybe decades to develop. But we need that vaccine right now.


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