Vision : Impossible / Conquerors of the Invisible



Duration : 90' et 2x52'
Support : Digital Betacam - stereo - 16/9 - 4/3 


Author : Thierry Berrod



A two-hour journey inside the fascinating worlds that exist outside our ordinary vision.


What if you could see through anything? What if by switching a dial in your brain, you could, Terminator-like, see through buildings, zoom through solids and enter another universe? To race the buzzing circuits of electricity in a building elevator? Get face to feeler with your home’s creepiest bugs and parasites? Get eaten with a burger and make the ultimate roller coaster ride into the stomach—gulp—and beyond? To see what really happens in your body as you prepare for your first kiss?

Haven’t you wondered how an airplane stays up, while you, the passenger, sit in a seat 30,000 feet high, surrounded by a metal shell less than a quarter of an inch thick? What’s actually inside a music CD? Is a soccer field just a soccer field, or are other, unseen universes lurking around the goal lines, underneath our seats, and beneath the grass?


Is a bag of store-bought bread truly nature’s bounty—or have humans unwittingly turned it into a seething bed of toxins, germs and bacteria?

“Invisible Worlds” delivers on this extraordinary visual fantasy. By using existing imaging technology such as the patented Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM), thermal and “night-vision” cameras, x-ray, infrared and other wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum, gas-chromatography, and special Computer Graphics Imagery (CGI)


“Invisible Worlds” takes the viewer on a mind-bending odyssey through natural and man-made worlds—the ultimate peep show.



We’ll uncover layers of life behind everyday objects, and show what’s really lurking behind our most cherished notions of a clean, orderly life. We’ll meet with horrifying clarity the microscopic creatures that inhabit our houses, our bodies and our lives—and reveal man-made worlds that operate just beneath the surface of our understanding. 
We’ll investigate some of the more interesting environments and inventions of our time and pull the curtain back to see how they truly work. 


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