Sharon Matola...


Duration : 52 '
Support : Digital Betacam - stereo - 16/9 - 4/3


Director : Natacha Calestrémé


An international campaign to save the tapir
The world’s most beautiful nature reserve, for its biodiversity
She wants to save the world’s 200 remaining scarlet macaws, a rare species of parrot

It is without a doubt one of the last Edens, with the Galapagos islands, to be protected. And for 22 years now, Sharon has devoted her energy to preserving the species of this paradise. Often seen with a boa arond her neck, this feisty woman has taken up every challenge, imposed her presence on local media and alerted the government to the disappearance of certain species. She has created a sanctuary without fences, a sort of nature reserve for the species she protects: leopards, jaguars... She has established an educational programme to raise awareness about wildlife in schools, reaching 20,000 children. One of her two main programmes is the creation and management of a large-scale project to save the tapir. A little known animal, the tapir plays an important role in the ecosystem. Thanks to Sharon, the tapir benefits from special protective measures in Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico. Her second project is to save from imminent extinction 800 couples of a very rare parrot found in only one place in the world, the Mayan mountains...



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