Heroes of Nature


Heroes of Nature focuses essentially on people and their work.


The collection presents men and women who devote their lives to the preservation of a species and to the protection of its environment. These veritable heroes are shown in situations highlighting their intimate relationship with the animals. Numerous wildlife sequences will also punctuate each episode, allowing to introduce a specific animal or species through the passion and knowledge of each character.


Heroes of Nature associates nature and environment with positive values. Not satisfied with simply denouncing the unfortunate fate of any given animal, the collection makes a point of showing that positive actions are being taken and that all hope is not lost.


Each documentary will explore three aspects:
- The portrait of a person, his or her incredible story, confidences, passions, results, life choices, etc...
- The grace and beauty of a wild animal, its behavior, the beauty of its environment.
- The interaction between the person, the animal and the human populations that make up their entourage: their reactions, their interest in the project.

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