Hunters of the Extraordinary


Duration : 6x 52 '
Support : Digital Betacam - stereo - 16/9 - 4/3 


Author : Thierry Berrod
Directors : Kamel Kezadri - Bruno Victor-Pujebet

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The concept of the series


Throughout time, the strange, the mysterious and the unknown have fascinated the human mind. 
To approach the limits of "Reality" and "Rationality", to distance themselves from the "Normal" in their search for the "Unique" and the "Abnormal", such is the challenge that numerous individuals around the world have set themselves.

Even if the frontiers of the "Inexplicable" have receded as science and technology have progressed, humans continue to find themselves confronted with poorly known or unexplained phenomena. Fiction or reality, these phenomena or strange creatures nourish the collective imagination and sometimes defy scientific explanation.


"Hunters of the Extraordinary" invites you on this fabulous hunting party of the "Strange", throughout the world, where we will meet men and women, scientists, business people, journalists, show business people or simple citizens, whose passion is to track down these phenomena that attract, fascinate and sometimes incite the craziest of speculations. We will attempt to explain the "Incredible" in the light of the most recent scientific research, in the company of the best specialists and researchers in the field.
For are these extraordinary phenomena not a form of reality?


The episodes


Completed episodes : 
- Hunters of Unknown Animals
- Ghosthunters


In the development phase :


- Freaks hunters 
- Hunters of UFOs


In the project phase :


- Hunters of Death (from zombies to near-death experiences, with mention of the voyage to the beyond)
- Hunters of the Supernatural (hypnosis, levitation…)
- Hunters of the Invisible (from the hunters of new viruses to new traces of life)
-Hunters of Outer Space (from hunters of meteorites to the adventure of astronomy and the conquest of space)
Direction intentions and types of sequences


Each of the themes will be developed as a vast international study that will lead us on a dizzying path back and forth between fiction and reality. We will progress through the different domains by means of encounters with some astonishing characters who devote their lives to their passion for the "Strange".
A documentary writing style based on the fictional form will be used, combining three types of sequences :

"Study" Sequences


Sequences shot on location, in action (scientific or exploratory expeditions, observations of phenomena, portraits...). Scenes where the characters will be filmed in their situations, as in fictional films.
The camera work will contribute to the creation of an astonishing atmosphere through the use of a variety of filming equipment: crane, wide-angle, special lenses, specific cameras, etc.

"Historical" Sequences


They will put into perspective the current state of knowledge about a subject and demonstrate how the frontiers of the "extraordinary" have evolved over the previous decades. These sequences will be treated in the manner of old cinema newsreels. They will be put together from archival images and from reconstituted material.

"Scientific principles" Sequences


These sequences aim to explain phenomena from the scientific angle.
They will call upon computer-generated images, 3D and special effects to describe and visualise specific elements: chromosomes, DNA, cloning, radioactivity, exoplanetology, panspermia, etc.


Investigative means and tools


Depending on the theme, the most sophisticated techniques and tools will be used to explore and understand these "strange" worlds: ion counters, Gauss counters, electromagnetic field testers, field-force counters, Geiger counters, infrared camera, electron microscopy, etc.

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