The Superhero Clinic

Duration : 90' / 5x52 '
Support : Digital Betacam - stéréo - 16/9 - 4/3 

Director : Vincent Amouroux


Who has never dreamed of flying like Superman ? Running faster than Flash ? Being as strong and as green as the Hulk?
In our quest for top performance and perfection, latter-day heroes no longer fit the bill. The days when we were content with simple heroes are over; now we need “superheroes”.

But how can their existence be made possible in the light of our scientific knowledge? Possessing superpowers has an impact on the physiology of the possessor. It can even lead to serious physical and psychological problems.
We have learnt of the existence of a clinic specialised in the medical monitoring of these superhumans. For the very first time, a television crew has succeeded in penetrating the facility. We will open its doors to you.

In examining the very special physiological features of superheroes, we are going to question ourselves about our own limits and our own need to surpass them. We are no longer satisfied with the way we are; we want to be faster, better, more intelligent. In a word: perfect.

We have selected five powers that humans have always wished to possess:
strength and stamina
the ability to fly
the power of metamorphosis
psychic powers
power over the elements

"The Superhero Clinic" is a fictionalised documentary that explores the strange world of superhumanity through the scientific, philosophical and sociological questions raised by the quest to surpass our limits.







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