Mona Lisa Production was created in 1991.


From 1995 on it started gaining recognition year after year by initiating a new kind of storytelling in Natural History, introducing science and ethnozoology in Wildlife Films, and exploring new themes such as the microscopic World.


If classical Blue Ship Natural History films were still looked for, more and more TV networks were heading for new styles and angles in the genre.


Thanks to such a new approach, Mona Lisa Production has been awarded more than 80 times at International Festivals in the past five years notably for the "Squatters" series (10x52’), including the prestigious prize for innovation at Wildscreen 2000, for the film "Cannibal Mites".


This International recognition has allowed Mona Lisa Production to develop partnerships with major networks in the World and some of the programs produced by the company have been broadcast in more than 60 countries Worldwide.


Innovation, Originality and Quality are the key words of Mona Lisa Production staff. Research and development is also part of the company’s efforts to explore new filming techniques. Such R&D allowed Mona Lisa to hold a patent on state-of-the-art shooting technology using the Philips ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope) to show living creatures of the invisible World as never before.


Today Mona Lisa Production continues its successfull strategy and develops new projects in the field of Science, Discovery, Wildlife, Exploration and Adventure.

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